Introductions are supposed to come first...

scheduleJuly 3, 2021

But I’ve never been much good at Society anyway. So what the heck. Hi! I’m Stitchpunk and this is my blog for nerding out about stationery. The photo is a clue as to the sorts of things I intend to talk about here. I hope to share my pens, ink, planners, stickers, washi, pen cases etc and do informal product reviews, as well as generally sharing thoughts on the world of stationery from a Southern Hemisphere perspective.

I’m not the patient type when it comes to setting up Things Interweb. But when @brad and Myke had an ad for on the Pen Addict podcast and I checked it out it seemed a bit easier for me to deal with than Wordpress, which reduced me to a state of frustrated stress in the first hour. Which is by way of saying - please forgive me if anything looks weird or the template changes several times! I’m learning.

As it happens something nice arrived in the post today, so expect more photos and words tomorrow! For now - welcome, I hope you enjoy the journey :)