A review of sorts - Pebble Stationery Co. Antarctica Pocket Notebook

scheduleJuly 4, 2021

I gather from Northern hemisphere blogs that Field Notes limited edition notebooks are Kind of a Big Thing. When I searched for a NZ stockist there were none, which explains why I’ve never seen them in person! The nearest retailers are in Australia.

Pebble Stationery is a much much smaller brand, but they do have a retailer in NZ, Pen Classics. They produce a range of Tomoe River notebooks in popular sizes, as well as some covered in gorgeous Liberty fabrics; they also have leather notebook covers and have recently released some notebooks with Cosmo Air Light paper. Occasionally they also do their TR notebooks with limited edition covers, which is what I got in the mail yesterday (purchased with my own $.)

The Antarctica is a 2-pack of 3.5 x 5.5 inch / 8.89 x 13.97 cm pocket notebooks with Pebble’s standard 80 pages of 52gsm Tomoe River paper, a sewn binding and 4mm pale dot grid. As per their other notebooks the inside front cover is laid out so you can write your contact details and the notebook contents. Normally the cover would be a pale grey, but for this edition it’s a brilliant white, with the company logo embossed in the bottom right corner. On the back cover is an outline map of Antarctica which also features a cute whale and a penguin!

But my favourite part is, oddly, the page edging. The round-cornered pages have a holographic edging on them which is SUPER pretty and just plain mesmerising. All these elements together result in a notebook which is something a bit special and very aesthetically pleasing. Living as I do in a country so close to Antarctica also lends this cover a particular appeal for me.

The notebooks sell for US$12.99 plus shipping for the 2-pack. Pebble products ship from China, so may take a few weeks to arrive (but what doesn’t these days!), but mine were very securely packaged and arrived in perfect condition. If pocket notebooks and/or original Tomoe River are your thing then I highly recommend picking up the Antarctica! (the drawing is from one of their notebooks that I’m currently using. More on how I use pocket notebooks in a future post.)