A review of sorts - Girologio Grab n Go

scheduleJuly 18, 2021

When an item is a niche product within a niche hobby it’s perhaps not surprising that few people seem to be aware of it. Such is the case (ha!) with the Girologio Grab n Go; when I was thinking of buying one I looked for reviews and found next to nothing. So now that I have one I feel bound to talk about it a bit!

Girologio are probably best known in the pen community for their large range of leather pen cases, some of which can store incredible quantities of pens. The Grab n Go is also a case, but with a different purpose - as you might guess from the name. I bought mine from www.inkt.co.nz . It comes in three finishes: shiny black or oxblood leather with velvet lining, and matte “bomber brown” suede with a cotton lining. I chose the latter.

As you can see, this case is not dissimilar to a standard paperback in size, being 20cm tall x 14cm wide x 4.5cm deep when closed. It has an external pocket front and back, into which you can squeeze a large smartphone if you haven’t completely overstuffed the interior. It is a tight fit though, and may damage the case long-term, so I prefer to use these pockets for things like receipts.

The zip is very sturdy and goes around the corners well. Once open, on the left-hand side you have elastic loops that will hold 4 pens and easily accommodate larger models while holding them securely. The facing flap is fabric lined and protects your pens from rubbing against anything, which I am grateful for.

Flip this flap over and you’ll find what most people will use as a wallet - 7 card slots and a cash purse. You can also slip stuff in behind (so actually underneath where the pen loops are), and I use this space for rarely-used loyalty cards.

In the centre of the case is a detachable keyring. I need quick access to my keys as they have my bus pass on them, so at the moment I’m just using this keyring for charms, but there are other potential uses for it too - you could loop a charging cable around the ring for instance.

On the right hand side you have no less than 3 pockets for storing other items (2 side-opening and 1 top-opening) which could be configured any number of ways. I have 3 pocket notebooks in mine - one is my journal, one a sketchbook and the third is my ink swatch book - and my homemade pencil board. I occasionally also store loose stickers in one of these pockets, and I’m going to add a ruler. The top-opening pocket would be great for top-bound notebooks. You could also comfortably carry an A6 Hononichi, but the case will not fit A5 notebooks.

I’ve been using this case for several weeks now, and have yet to find any drawbacks with it. If I’m going out somewhere and don’t want to take a bag I can just grab this case, shove my phone in the outside pocket and be good to go. At night I sit the case by my bed so that in the event of some emergency I can just grab it and have pretty much everything I’ll need without having to think about it. During the day I chuck it into my huge EDC tote, which does not close, but because the case does I know my notebooks won’t get wet even if I get rained on! And the case is much easier to find in the depths of my bag than my wallet ever was.

That’s how I use it, but I can see it also being useful to people as a portable office or for planning supplies, or just as a general organiser. I think Girologio gave it the perfect name, and for me it’s working really as a combination wallet, planner and pen case. My only wish is that it could magically hold more pens without getting any larger!