The struggle (to find the perfect ink) is real

scheduleAugust 12, 2021

At work I use purple ink. (I’m part of a team of proofreaders, and we each have a designated ink colour so we can tell who made which corrections.) My Galaxea Vertex from Karas Kustoms is my current main work pen, and it’s gorgeous… but it’s also my only Bock nib, and I’m finding it quite different to Jowo or Schmidt in how it behaves with inks.

I’m using a fine nib, even though I prefer M or B, because I often have to write pretty small and on standard copy paper. My go-to ink to date has been Ferris Wheel Press Grape something-or-other; it dries fast while being pleasantly wet, and has some character to it. But in my Vertex it’s FAR too wet! Meanwhile most of the other purple inks from my collection have been too dry in it. My favourite so far has been Diamine Maureen, which is such a mega-sheen ink that it looks green even on copy paper! But alas like most mega-sheen inks it dries slowly and smears horribly under highlighter.

I’ve eliminated any purples that are too close to black, and any that aren’t work appropriate (aka glittery), and so far that seems to leave me with the too dry, the too slow-drying or the just plain boring standard purples with no character. SOMEWHERE out there my perfect purple must exist!