Hello blog, long time no write

scheduleNovember 4, 2021

What can I say. Weeks and weeks of COVID-19 lockdown with my desk and other spaces taken over by wfh stuff… now I’m back in the office but working overtime. It’s all been a bit of a mess on many levels, as life is for a lot of us these days.

BUT. THINGS AND STUFF ARRIVED. Today I got an exciting FedEx parcel from Rome! Stilo e Stile is my favourite overseas pen retailer and their FedEx charges are very reasonable.

This is Patience, a brass pen rest/desk tray from Esterbrook. It comes nicely packaged in a textured cardboard box with gold embossing, and an information sheet inside (nice enough to present well but without excessive packaging.) As soon as I saw this online I knew I must have it (even though I don’t own any Esterbrook pens yet!) I do however own a pet tortoise and enjoy things tortoise-shaped. (This looks like a sea turtle to me, but for some reason Americans don’t differentiate between turtles and tortoises.)

The pen rest is just really really nice and I love that it looks like it could be a vintage item from the 1920s. I also love that Esterbrook included a sheet with 4 rubber adhesive dots on it so that you can protect your desk from being scratched by Patience’s underside. The workmanship on this thing is good, and there are no particularly sharp edges, though I would still be cautious about using it with a pen that was very valuable due to the potential for microscratches. The little scalloped pen rests look tiny but do the job of holding even a large pen steady; and the “shell” tray can safely hold a pen cap or any of those little random ephemera that tend to collect on desks.

In short - a really great addition to any desk, and if Esterbrook’s pens are as good as this pen rest then I definitely need to get one!

That was the first part of my package from Rome. More about part 2 in a day or so….