NPD! A not-quite review of sparkly things.

scheduleMay 19, 2022

When Sailor released the Pro Gear Slim Purple Cosmos a few years ago I debated getting it, repeatedly. I mean, PURPLE! And glitter! But in the end I felt the purple was a little too close to black and there wasn’t quite enough glitter, so I resisted. Recently however I discovered that Pen Classics had a few Benu samples floating around (they are not regular stockists of Benu currently), and I decided to buy the Briolette Milky Way with a crystal pen stand (not the glow-in-the-dark version.)

If these pens were at a party (weird I know, but bear with me) the Purple Cosmos would be leaning against a wall looking mysterious and unknowable and probably wearing sunglasses. The Milky Way would be in the very centre of the dance floor, under the disco ball, doing an arms-out spin while wearing a feather boa. In other words, the Milky Way is much more in your face (while still being a bit restrained by Benu standards.)

Normally I’m all about leaning on walls while trying to look cool (mostly in the hopes no-one will try to talk to me)…. But in this case I’m glad I ended up with the Milky Way Dancing Queen. It’s just fun! And it does feel galactic with the gorgeous dark purple glitter that can look black depending on the lighting, and the LOOK AT ME super chunky silver.

I shall regret the Purple Cosmos no more. Given the state of Things these days, I reckon a carefree twirl under the disco ball is gonna be good for my soul.

PS: For those who want to know, the perfect ink for this pen would be Herbin Amethyste de L’oural. However I recently sold my bottle (coz I’m clever like that. But I just found it too dark for my taste.) Right now I’ve got Robert Oster Cosmic Swirl in there - the name works with the theme, plus if you lay it on really thick on TR paper you can get a little gold sheen from it. Ultimately I’m gonna want a sparkly purple ink though.

PPS: the pen stand works really well. The Briolette has lots of facets anyway so it won’t roll around on a desk, but as it doesn’t post you can put the cap into the stand for safe keeping and then screw the body of the pen straight into it. Also it reminds me of Superman’s Fortress of Solitude, so it gets +5 nerd points!